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Empathetic Educators:

Interdisciplinary Narratives


Empathetic Educators: Interdisciplinary Narratives was created in response to amplify others. It is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research studies, conceptual articles, essays, letters, poetry, photographs and/or other artwork to share with all school professionals, families, and students in various K-12 and higher educational settings.


Empathetic Educators is unique in that it gives voice to students, families, and educational professionals. This online journal utilizes various modalities to share content to reach all learning styles and preferences. Empathetic Educators provides opportunities to share research and narratives that value diversity, amplify others, and promotes anti-oppression actions. A place where we focus our attention on building up relationships, not just through our perspective, but through the students’ perspective. In turn, we will be better able to increase emotional well-being and academic/professional success for all. 

Empathetic Educators is an open access journal and does not charge authors for reviewing and publishing their work.


Our mission: Empathetic Educators seeks to amplify others. Everyone is an educator. Being an empathetic educator is the ability to consider the feelings and experiences of others, while also magnifying their voices in settings that might marginalize them.

ISSN#: 2690-0602

Empathetic Educators:

Interdisciplinary Narratives

Students, parents/families, educational professionals, and scholarslet's learn from each other.

Please share with us.

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This journal was created by listening to students, parents/families, and educational professionals.

Please join us.


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