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Empathetic Educators:

Interdisciplinary Narratives

Cover Artwork


Cover Artwork submitted by Natalie A. Smith.

This artwork was also selected to be the logo for Empathetic Educators.

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2020)

Published: December 22, 2020

Full Issue

Issue Dedication:

Ilio Fusciello (11/21/37-11/25/20)

Per te Papà, con amore. Un abbraccio forte...fortissimo.  

Empathetic Educators - Full Issue

Individual Content

Empathetic Editor: The Need to Amplify Others

Carmela Fusciello Smith

Teaching Teachers How to Teach Hope

René Roselle

Teaching Responsively During Covid-19: Learning How to Model, Modeling How to Learn

Lindsay M. Keazer




The Pandemic Equalizes: Everyone as a Learner

Jennifer A. Phaiah


Walking Lightly: Teaching and Learning in a New World

Margaret R. Clark, Sarah M. Hart

How Does a Peacemaker Find the Strength to Engage in Emotionally Charged Conversations that Create High Levels of Stress?

Juilee Parpart

The Challenge in Supporting Students' Social Emotional Needs Online: From a School Social Worker's Perspective

Alison Onofrio




When Social Emotional Learning Intersects with Historical Trauma for Marginalized Students

Jennifer C. Dauphinais


Learning During a Pandemic

Lily Van Mullem, Heather Van Mullem


Dear America 

Submitted by Kevin Honorio

Note: This Video was Made in 2018

Direct link to Youtube Video: click here

Being apart of Dear America (2018) gave me the opportunity to be a voice for people who are in similar situations such as me and for people that look like I do. There are people in this world, that no matter how hard they might try, their voice won’t be heard and for me this was a platform that made my voice matter and made being heard possible. This was about fighting the good fight, about the bigger picture and acting on what it really means to be an agent of change and champion of social justice. 

~Kevin Honorio

Empathetic Educators:

Interdisciplinary Narratives

Students, families, educational professionals & scholars let's learn from each other.

Please share with us.


Amplify Others Podcast

***Coming Soon***

This podcast will focus to amplify others, those that experience oppression based on ability, age, class, gender, nationality, race, sexuality, etc. 

* Selected Empathetic Educators Journal Articles may be included on the Amplify Others Podcast


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