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Empathetic Educators:

Interdisciplinary Narratives

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Volume 2 Issue 1 (2022)

Published: April 30, 2022

Issue Dedication to all those that have suffered various losses during Covid-19. 

Empathetic Educators - Full Issue

Individual Content

We haven't come as far as people would like to believe

Carmela Fusciello Smith & Jemel P. Aguilar


Creating a caring community of learners in higher education

Jeanne Galbraith


Improving student engagement in virtual and face-to-face classrooms

Thilagha Jagaiah


Teaching more flexibly than ever before: A pedagogy of support

Karla I. Loya

Getting the word out about empathy in a multitude of ways

Darla Shaw

Providing a more compassionate and equitable world language education to learners of color during and after the pandemic: An example from an early college program

Hsuan-Ying Liu

Social-emotional learning in higher education: Through the lens of culture, identity, and community concepts on teaching and learning

Isalena Gilzene





Empathetic Educators:

Interdisciplinary Narratives

Students, families, educational professionals & scholars let's learn from each other.

Please share with us.


Amplify Others Podcast

***Coming Soon***

This podcast will focus to amplify others, those that experience oppression based on ability, age, class, gender, nationality, race, sexuality, etc. 

* Selected Empathetic Educators Journal Articles may be included on the Amplify Others Podcast


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